Battle Of The Clogged Pipes

Battle Of The Clogged Pipes

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cleanThere are those days that you work really hard and then end up coming home to a flood. Well these days are so rare and nightmarish that you wish that they never come true. But for those who like to be on the safe side and cautious about these things here are some tips to think of when you end up with clogged pipes that end up flooding your house with dirty and smelly water.

● Warning signs

The warning signs of the imminent danger of a clogged pipe usually are sink taking time to get rid of the water, water pooling around the joints of the pipes, and the stink. Usually the smell is the most noticeable of these things as the water taking time to go down the pipe could be because of food stuck in the sink hole. So when you are having one of these signs then you should take the safety measures beforehand just to be sure.

● Wire hanger solution

The most basic of this job and also the most effective solution  is the plunger. But if that does not work out so well and you do not have the money for CCTV drain survey then you should grab one of your metal hangers, undo the bends on it and use it to create a small hook to push past the sink covers and fish for the things that is holding up all the water and making your washing and cleaning in the sink, a mess. Do not push things in, but use the hook and twirl it around to get the things stuck inside and pull it out. After doing as much fishing and pulling as you can, run hot water down the pipes.

● Baking soda and vinegar solution

This tried and tested method is one that many people swear by to make your pipes a lot cleaner. When you do not make enough money to go for that wonderful vacuum excavation Perth , then you will have to go for homemade solutions like half or 1/3 cup of baking soda and pouring it down the pipes followed by the same amount of vinegar. The reactions of these two compounds will create enough eating power to get rid of whatever is messing with your pipes and then after a couple of hours or even overnight, wash it down with hot water. Boiling water should be poured down your pipes especially after food items and oil has gone down your pipes after a cookout and a subsequent washing session. And also make sure to clean the drain at least on a monthly basis.

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